What Information Will I Discover In A Scottish Birth Certificate ?

Civil registration began in Scotland in 1855 and this year was the first and finest of all the subsequent years.

The amount of information requested in the certificates was astonishing and it was decided that the difficulties of obtaining in every case, these very full details made it impracticable. The details required were reduced in 1856 and again were modified in 1861, but from then on have remained virtually the same. 

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 In 1855, in addition to all the information listed above, a birth record stated:

Unfortunately the Registrars did not record the date and place of the parent’s marriage from 1856-1860. However it is worth checking for brothers or sisters births to get the information either in 1855 or post 1860.

So lots of information can be gleaned from the details entered on the certificate. Remember though, this is only as good as the accuracy or truthfulness of the information provided by the parties involved. 

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