Post 1855 Research

Post 1855 Scottish Family History Research

This is the period most family history research commences. Compulsory statutory registration of births, marriages and deaths in Scotland commenced in 1855. These records plus the census from 1841 available decennially until 1911 are the building blocks required to construct your family tree.

Other sources may provide information for the periods between census returns and help locate those elusive ancestors:-

  • Valuation Rolls 1855-1974
  • Monumental Inscriptions
  • Burial and Lair Records
  • Emigration Records
  • Legal Records
  • Newspapers
  • Poor Law Records
  • Occupational Records : ministers, doctors, military, railwaymen, miners etc.

For an example of a family history report from Scotlands Genealogy download  below:

Download - Example of a report (pdf)