Pre 1855 Research

Pre 1855 Scottish Family History Research

Research prior to 1855 requires locating the surviving records, the appropriate archive and a bit of luck. Old Parish Records (OPR's) cover the parishes of the Established Church of Scotland. However they do not all commence at the same time, registration was not compulsory and recording was erratic. Records also exist for other faiths and denominations: Roman Catholic, Jewish, Quaker, Methodist and Episcopalian.

There are numerous archive collections and sources available not only in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Inverness but throughout Scotland.

A top 10 of useful records:

  • Sheriff Courts
  • Monumental Inscriptions
  • Estate and Family Archives
  • 18th century taxation
  • Militia Records
  • Register of Deeds
  • Register of Sasines
  • Retours
  • Kirk Session Records
  • Occupations:minister,surgeon,physician                        

For an example of a family history report from Scotland's Genealogy download below:

Download - Example of a report (pdf)