Scottish Document Transcription

Scottish Documents and Records Transcription

Do you have difficulty reading handwriting in old Scottish records or understanding old Scottish words and place names? Palaeography or the study of old handwriting is a skill family history researchers need to decipher Secretary hand, the common style of handwriting in Scottish documents. Reading legal documents and letters from the 18th century can be difficult. Not only are the letters formed differently but the Scots language contains many legal and colloquial terms no longer in common usage. Transcription of old handwriting may be required for:-

  • Testaments and Wills
  • Sasines
  • Deeds
  • Retours
  • Tacks and Leases
  • Correspondence

Many words and place names may be unfamiliar to you. If you get stuck reading a Scottish record, whether a single word in an Old Parish Register or a whole document I will be pleased to help.Completed Edinburgh University/National Archives of Scotland "Old Scots Handwriting 1500 - 1750" course.

scottish words


For an example of a report from Scotlands Genealogy download below: